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Hello accordion lovers and fans!  My name is Sebastian Carubia and I have been playing the accordion since the age of nine. I  provide accordion entertainment at various functions such as special birthdays, retirements, anniversaries, employee Christmas parties, weddings and all kinds of functions or occcasions you may be planning. I play the accordion with passion.   I love to interact with your party group and make sure that all your guests have a good time.  World wide the accordion is an instrument that promotes group harmony and joy to many people. It is my goal to take the accordion to another level of entertainment.  ITUNES LINK 
     "Taking the accordion to another level."
            Sebastian Carubia
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                                 THE STORY
This website is dedicated to my mother Pierina Carubia who immigrated to Canada with my father Giovanni in 1957 to the city of Toronto from Belgium where I was born in 1953.  This is a picture of my mother placing me on the hood of my father's 1958 Ford that he had just purchased the day this picture was taken on Dufferin Street near College Avenue. My mother was in love with the accordion.   She made me practice the accordion for at least one hour a day and expected me to play it at every family function such as birthdays, anniversaries, picnics, barbeques, Christmas and Easter large family gatherings and if any family friends, paesans or relatives would come over to our house for "la visita"usually on Sundays. After she made the guests feel at home with her many servings of pastries, cookies and nuts she would give me the silent signal to get the accordion and then I would surprise everyone with a majestic entrance. Me and my grand red Paolo Soprani 120 bass accordion which was taller than me." Che bella fisarmonica!!" "What a beautiful accordion!" the guests would remark.....
 "Fa na bedda canzuni!" which in the Sicilian dialect means ......."Play a beautiful song or tune!"  It was at these gatherings as a young boy that I learned to play the accordion with passion.  At all the Italian weddings where the accordion player was a star of the orchestra, my mother made sure that I would play a few tunes with the band. She loved the accordion and always made sure to promote my talent at every opportunity!  Grazie Mamma!  Thanks Mom! You are always in my heart when I play the accordion at every function.  Your smile, humour and love of friends and family has been carried on by the accordion that you loved.
This website is dedicated to the memory of Pierina Carubia  (1927-1985)
 " God created a circle of Light and Love so vast no one can stand outside of it."
    Quote by Carlos inspiration for music and daily life.